This SIREN number must then be mentioned in all documents relating to the sale of the animal (including advertising). The sale of pets between individuals is subject to special regulations. If you want to sell a dog or cat, there are some formalities to consider! It may indicate©© the breed of the dog or cat on the basis of the copy of the declaration of birth entered in the©general©© book. To be sold, dogs and cats must be© older than 8 weeks. Even if you can read French, French legal terminology can be difficult, so don`t take any chances. When you buy a property in France, you will be asked to sign a sales agreement with the real estate agency or your notary or the seller`s notary if you have not opted for your own notary. You must wait at least 7 days after the issuance of this certificate of commitment to return© the cat or dog to your adopter. – Entry or not in a stud-book: Book of French Origins (LOF) for a dog or the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) for a cat. The dissemination of an offer for the transmission (free or paid) of a cat or dog by an individual on the Internet is prohibited. A minor© may only acquire a cat or dog (for a fee or free of charge) with the consent of his parents or persons exercising parental authority©: titleContent. Make sure you don`t miss anything you`ll regret.

Talk to someone who can give you legal advice and be by your side professionally. The issue of the sale of an animal is inextricably linked to the issue of the protection and welfare of an animal. The legislation and obligations imposed on sellers of animals, in particular private individuals, are aimed, on the one hand, at ensuring the health and welfare of animals, in particular as regards their origin, and, on the other hand, at protecting buyers by ensuring traceability during the purchase of the animal, thus helping to combat trade. With professional legal advice when buying a French property, you can protect your interests by adding clauses that are to your advantage. The WEBSITE does not guarantee the validity and accuracy of the information submitted by lawyers or their work. The WEBSITE is not responsible for legal advice or information provided by the lawyer. If the proposed animal© is a puppy or kitten, it must last© at least 8 weeks (2 months). – Each animal must be identified before being sold. This is mandatory for dogs from 4 months, for cats from 7 months and mandatory for the transfer of an animal, regardless of age. – A puppy or kitten cannot be sold if it is less than 8 weeks old. A dog or cat cannot be identified without being identified. ©©© These obligations are part of the broader context of the fight against abandonment, as they will regulate the transfer of animals (via free classified ads) and thus fight against abuses such as “favorite purchases” on the internet or the production of animals by people who do not have the necessary skills; Unfortunately, these factors often lead to the abandonment of animals by uninformed owners.

Find the documents and legal help you need to run your business. The USER acknowledges that the WEBSITE does not provide legal advice and is not a law firm and that, therefore, the use of the WEBSITE cannot be considered or substituted as legal advice. “Sometimes I couldn`t see the way through all the bureaucracy and international laws and regulations that were getting quite stressful and demanding, but now I`m glad the estate was handled without further legal issues. As an individual, if you sell a puppy or kitten whose mother you hold, you are automatically considered a©©©©breeder. The USER undertakes to use the WEBSITE exclusively for personal use and in no case to use the WEBSITE, the SERVICES or the content of the WEBSITE for illegal, commercial, advertising or spam purposes. Make your legal request online and a qualified lawyer will get back to you quickly. From January 1, 2024, the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores will be prohibited. The sale of a dog or cat that you do not hold the mother©is prohibited. Yes, you can give a cat or dog without any financial compensation. Sofortiger Zugriff auf unsere gesamte Bibliothek juristischer Dokumente Die Registrierung auf der WEBSITE ist kostenlos und steht jeder juristischen oder natürlichen Person offen, die volljährig und geschäftsfähig ist, mit einer gültigen und aktiven E-Mail-Adresse. However, bestimmte Websites may publish offers for the transfer of pets (cat, dog, other) provided that they are presented©in a specific©©section for pets.

Dies ist ein Vertrag, den Sie mit eingebauten gesetzlichen Verpflichtungen unterzeichnen. Before signing this document, you should seek advice from a trained independent legal advisor who can explain all the details of the contract to you in words you understand. As soon as the private seller keeps the mother of the kitten / puppy he wants to sell, he must be registered in the National Register of Companies and Institutions (directory of mermaids). And a decree©must set© the conditions for the application of Article 9 of Law No. 2021-1539, which©provides that cat and dog breeders are required to provide I-Cad©with information on their reception capacities©, the traceability© of their animals and their health surveillance. You must issue the adopter with a verified©©©certificate issued© by a veterinarian©©based on information known©to him and an examination of the dog or cat. Only©breeders and sellers can place ads on the Internet to offer cats and dogs for sale (for a fee). The law allows a person to sell dogs or cats, but they must fulfill several obligations. First of all, please be aware that: The following provisions define the contractual rights and obligations of the operator of the WEBSITE, SASU MIRACLE (“MIRACLE”), and the USERS (as defined below) of the WEBSITE. USERS are all persons who access the WEBSITE, whether by browsing, reading, viewing, using and/or purchasing the documents and/or subscribing to the services offered on the WEBSITE. The home page of the WEBSITE can be found at the following URL: The classified ads for the sale of dogs or cats must include certain mandatory information: Any access, use, subscriptions and/or purchases on the SITE are only legal and natural persons of legal age and having legal capacity.

The USER can automatically close his account by sending a message to the following address: If you have not entered a copy of the declaration©of birth in the general©© ledger, the certificate©©indicates that the dog or cat does not belong to any breed. – If you own the mother of the puppy/kitten you are going to sell (breeding female), you are considered a breeder, even if you only sell one puppy or kitten. ©A breeder is a person who keeps©at least 1 breeding female and sells at least 1 puppy or kitten born© to that female. When buying a French property, you should ensure that your interests are protected by professional legal advice. To the extent permitted by law, and in particular in the event of a dispute between the parties, the relevant language for these terms and conditions will be French. Each translation has been provided for your convenience only and you can consult the French language version at the following link: The #1 resource for speaking directly to a lawyer anytime 24/7. A lawyer is always ready to answer your legal question immediately.

MIRACLE may carry out checks by any means to ensure that a USER has reached the appropriate age of consent. MIRACLE may also perform checks to ensure that, if a USER has not reached the appropriate age of consent, the appropriate consent of a parent or legal guardian has been obtained. The company MIRACLE and the SITE Wonder.Legal do not provide legal advice. The sale of a dog or cat by a person who does not hold the mother is reserved for professionals (animals) declared in the Sirene directory: titleContent and consequently having a number and a©©©©©©©©number. © • Illegal use of the WEBSITE without the knowledge of MIRACLE, within the meaning of French Law No. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy and French Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Therefore, in any legal matter, the USER must consult competent lawyers who, in accordance with the law, are duly authorized to provide legal advice in their respective jurisdictions. The cat or dog, whether puppy or kitten or an adult animal, must be identified by electronic chip©©(or tattoo) to the national identification file of domestic carnivores (Icad).