All the programmes to be prepared by each Member State shall contain the following documents: Before the start of the meeting, the progress of the documentation before the Committee shall be published in the form of an L document. This document describes what documents have been submitted and when they are to be issued. The information contained in the present document is regularly updated by the secretariat of the Committee for Programme and Coordination and used by the Bureau in preparing the programme of work. Therefore, organisations intending to apply for funding under the Programme need to understand what State aid is and how project activities can be carried out in accordance with the applicable rules. In order to support the appropriate documentation of the procurement procedure, an award protocol containing the minimum requirements for tender documentation for project partners not subject to public procurement legislation has been developed and must be accompanied by other documents (e.g. specifications, proof of publication, copies of tenders, etc.) on request. If another protocol is already in use by the project partner, it can still be used here, provided that it contains all the details specified in the program template. Package logo of the Interreg BSR programme (zip, updated 2017) » GODC, as managing authority, considers that the design of the programme could be postponed until the conclusion of the negotiations on the next MFF if the financial allocations per Member State, cohesion region and fund are determined, the concentration of the resources obtained and the level and method of calculation of the national contribution are determined. Nevertheless, the GODC recognizes that all preparatory activities underlying the design of the programme must be carried out beforehand, in particular: The work programme shall be adopted by the Bureau of the Committee. Once approved by the Bureau, it is distributed to the Committee and published on the Committee`s website.

The programme of work is linked to the documents reviewed. Document icons will be added as they become available. The programme of work is regularly approved and updated by the Bureau to take into account the progress of discussions. Please check this page regularly for the latest updates. Applicants and financial managers should familiarize themselves with the following documents before applying to a project:The Programme Manual contains an introduction to the Programme`s State aid rules in Chapter F.1.6. For example: what is State aid? What are the instruments? What should be considered and what to submit in which phase of the project? The State aid factsheets provide detailed information, including: What steps need to be taken to identify activities relevant to aid? What is De-minimis and how does it work? What is the General Block Exemption Regulation and how does it affect the co-financing rate? PLEASE NOTE that links to individual documents will not be active until the document has been published in the Official Document System of the United Nations. If a link does not load correctly, please check later. Relevant documents of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the GODC All information and communication activities are to be supported by the EU programme and funds, as follows. We strongly recommend that all project partners familiarize themselves with the linked documents. Misuse (of the EU programme logo, reference or logo) may result in the ineligibility of items produced for the project, i.e. costs will not be fully reimbursed. This document provides guidance on how to avoid the mistakes that often occur when awarding public contracts for projects co-financed by the European Structural and Investment Funds.

It aims to facilitate the implementation of operational programmes and promote best practices. It is not legally binding, but aims to provide general recommendations and reflect best practices. The concepts, ideas and solutions proposed in the Guidelines are without prejudice to national law and should be read and adapted taking into account the national legal framework. Government documents: information on the start of the programming of the Funds and the design of cohesion policy programmes for the period 2021-2027 (in Slovenian) The communication strategy is the strategic framework and basis for the communication of the Danube Transnational Programme throughout the 2014-2020 programming period. It is an integral part of the implementation of the programme and aims to ensure that the programme`s communication is well coordinated, effectively managed and adapted to the different information needs of the public. We are currently working on the new version for the upcoming period 2021-2017. In order to meet the technical requirements of information and communication activities, we strongly recommend that project managers familiarize themselves with the following documents. Each partner must complete a declaration of State aid on honour as part of the application so that the AM/JS can assess whether a project is relevant under State aid law.

During the implementation of the project, project partners carrying out counter-aid activities will have to provide additional information and documentation and comply with specific monitoring and reporting requirements. Program card for screen & documents (png/zip)”. Staff Information Note: This optional template was created to provide a sample job/task description that could be used by project partners to document staff costs co-financed by the program. Updates to the Project Application Guide 2.1 Interreg BSR Postcards – 2nd Tender Platforms (pdf/zip)”. Instructions for the correct use of the EU logo (“EU flag”) » We recommend that you use the templates in the color of the program priority to which your project belongs (as defined in the program`s corporate design manual). For help adding your project logo, see the Project Design Guide: The manual is intended specifically for applicants and key partners and project partners of approved projects, as well as their first-level controllers. Investment priorities of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2021-2027 (GODC working document, in Slovenian) Document prepared by the States and regions of the Danube Transnational Programme area and adopted by the European Commission, setting out the priorities and the EU programming and funds needed to achieve these priorities. It is intended to implement a Community support framework. The programme requirements for procurement procedures for EU and Norwegian project partners are defined in Chapter F.1.4 of the Programme Manual. Use your project postcard in communication at events, in mailings. There is one postcard per project and some postcards from the programme with an overview of projects funded under the innovation, natural resources and transport priorities.

Postcards (front and back) are ready to be printed for any printing company and can be used by projects. Interreg Baltic Sea Region grants third parties the right to promote or illustrate Interreg, its projects or other issues related to the Baltic Sea region and its territorial development. Postcards can be used free of charge in an unchanged form. Once you have modified the text or image, or if you just want to use the image, you must purchase a license from the specified source. Electronic signatures must meet the standards of the EU Regulation. After the funding agreement is signed, but before submitting the first payment request, an agreement must be concluded between the lead partner and its project partners. In this partnership agreement, the project partners must fully support the lead partner in order to ensure the successful implementation of the project as well as the high quality and achievement of the objectives. The articles of association formalize the distribution of responsibilities and mutual rights of the partners. Mandatory reporting tool for each project partner. The tool contains a list of expenses (list of costs). Data entered by project partners in this form will be needed to complete the progress report in the Programme`s Electronic Monitoring System (BAMOS).

Persona (an archetypal user for whom the product or service is designed) This map can be useful on your website, in brochures, presentations, or elsewhere. The map is available in different versions with and without country and city labeling. List of Commission services` recommendations on the first draft Partnership Agreement 2021-2027: an example of a Partnership Agreement can be downloaded from this website. It is not mandatory for the lead partner and its project partners to adopt the example clauses. The issues to be defined in the Partnership Agreement depend on the specific needs of each project. Therefore, the lead partner can negotiate the example of the partnership agreement with its project partners. However, the Partnership Agreement should comply with the minimum requirements set out in the programme manual. Communication activities are considered an important and integral part of project implementation and therefore require careful planning and adequate resources.