When Legal Aid Is Available

You may be entitled to free legal aid from a court-appointed lawyer or public defender if your freedom is threatened (in other words, you must go to prison). A public defender is a lawyer who represents defendants who cannot afford a lawyer, and the Constitution guarantees the right to legal assistance in certain cases. […]

When Did Birth Control Pills Become Legal in Canada

“The doctors were somewhat willing to give (birth control pills) to women who were married and wanted to plan the birth of their children,” she said. “They were very reluctant to give it to single women, and they were extremely reluctant to give it to underage women.” After World War II and efforts to […]

Whats Bw Legal

The most common form of action for debt collection agencies is a decision of a district court. Here`s a video someone made on BW legal that you might find helpful. Even if your original debts to BW were not legal, debt repayments must be made to them. You cannot send payments to original creditors. […]

What Type of Law Is Based on Historical Precedents

Due to their nature, once established and virtually never challenged, many precedents are outdated and do not fit the modern world. The excessive use of stare decisis hinders change as our cultures and situations evolve, as judges are accustomed to following precedents without evaluating new facts. Stare decisis is not. A universal and implacable […]

What States Is It Legal to Dumpster Dive

Dumpster diving is not illegal in Kentucky. In fact, it is perfectly legal to dive dumpsters in the state of Kentucky. However, it is essential to keep an eye on the laws of your state. Since every business and private residence is considered private property, diving in dumpsters without permission can result in unauthorized […]

What Requirements Are Needed to Be an Interior Designer

You can go in different directions with an associate degree program. If you want to enter the professional world as soon as possible, consider earning an associate degree in applied science as an assistant interior designer. However, if you find that you want to continue your studies in interior design and get your bachelor`s […]

What Makes a Golf Cart Street Legal in Tennessee

In order for a LSV to be allowed to travel on the road in the state of Tennessee, it must have a complete list of safety equipment. The equipment that must be present are headlights, turn signals, front and rear, taillights, reflectors, parking brake, mirrors, seat belts and windshield. Yes, you read that right […]

What Law Changed the Age of Emancipation to 21

Juvenile driver`s license laws may depend on the age of the minor or state laws. In general, a minor is always subject to the minimum age limit for obtaining a driving license. However, while state vehicle laws require a minor to obtain parental permission, an emancipated minor does not have to meet this requirement. […]

What Is Three Times the Legal Limit of Alcohol

An experienced drunk driving lawyer can help you understand your options for dealing with drunk driving charges, even if your blood alcohol level was high. You should contact a lawyer as soon as possible for help in defending serious allegations. If you drive in a U.S. state, implied consent laws require you to be […]

What Is the Salary of a Legal Director

. Annual executive and operations salary from $100,000 to $120,000 Travel About 10% (conferences, meetings and others). The salary is $150,000 and the corresponding candidate would have management experience. and salaried graduates earn an average starting salary of $40,000 per year. br/ br/ Voted one of the best non-profit organizations for which /em . […]