Wipro delivers successful business results to our clients through our deep industry experience and a 360-degree view of business through technology. We develop, incubate and deliver next-generation technologies such as analytics, mobility, collaboration, cloud, IoT and augmented reality to help customers improve productivity and operational efficiency. We have vacancies at different levels to work on different technologies. There are leaders, and there are followers. This requires something more than the obligation to be a leader. It requires a fire that radiates energy and illuminates the workplace. A work environment rich in knowledge, skills and camaraderie. At Wipro, we aggressively invest in the growth of our employees with ongoing training and leadership development programs. Since 2006, our Google+ Salesforce certified consultants, data architects, and creative strategists have been extending the capabilities of Salesforce`s most valuable customers and can help you execute successful projects during your digital transformation. At Wipro digital, we dream and deliver people-centric experiences at the intersection of strategy, design and technology.

When a request is made to us, we do not immediately start executing the solution. We intertwine, we shape, we tinker, we think, we study, we ask, we try, we question, we build, we work together and we excel. We are a mix of strategists, creative directors, designers, writers, media strategists, digital marketers, developers and relationship builders. We strive to create dynamic and relevant brand experiences at every level. Enterprise functions are the backbone of Wipro and not only serve business partners, but also play an important role in supporting the company and its various businesses around the world. The company`s functions include several areas that include human resources, finance functions, legal and compliance services, and operations. Employees here work in different functions with a variety of tasks. Whichever role you choose, rest assured that you are part of a team dedicated to excellence. At Wipro, “anticipating” is not just a slogan. It`s the way we do business every day.

Our goal is to take businesses to the next level by helping them adapt to ever-changing markets. We offer unique perspectives and tailored business strategies. We also leverage our global presence and global talent pool to develop our end-to-end solutions. Wipro Consulting Services is currently looking for experienced professionals who are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Wipro`s Digital Operations and Platforms (DPOs) are leading the industry`s revolutionary march to the next generation of DOPs by rapidly expanding our capabilities to build a world-class organization. Our culture of excellence is focused on creating business value and measurable results for clients across all industries. As we continue to grow our DP business, we are looking for smart, autonomous, intelligent and proactive people to join our teams. We also have several learning options to accelerate your career. At Wipro, we are well on our way to bringing excellence to our go-to-market organization, with the goal of driving the growth curve to significantly higher revenues and margins. Our current go-to-market function includes a large and diverse team of men and women working in sales, pre-sales, large transactions and alliances in more than 30 countries. A role here is much more than a career. This is an opportunity to influence the company`s growth trajectory.