Timios Exchange is a decentralized wallet built on ByteTrade blockchain. ByteTrade is the first cross chain lightning network. All transactions in Timios Exchange will be recorded to ByteTrade blockchain and executed automatically without any human intervention.

You can check all your operations in the block explorer: https://explorer.bytetrade.com/. Enter your user id in the search box, then you should be able to find all of your transactions.

In this case, every token transaction happens on its corresponding blockchain, for example, ETH and ERC20 should be processed by Ethereum, BTC and USDT should be processed by Bitcoin, CMT should be processed by CyberMiles. Timios Exchange is super fast and all orders can be processed within 1 second. However, Ethereum, Bitcoin and CyberMiles processing speed is different and usually much slower. So when you submit a withdraw, please wait for a while for the transaction to be processed. 

To know more about Timios Exchange cross chain payment protocol, please read intro to Pitio.

For CMT/USDT withdraw or deposit, please refer to other articles in this section.